About Us

Our company was born from a search to find unique, boutique products without the expensive boutique price tag. My struggle was always wanting to support small, but had a hard time justifying spending almost $100 for a shirt. With lots of prayers, our company was born!

We offer trendy, affordable clothing and accessories for primarily sizes XS-2X. As we have grown, I have continued to listen to our customers and personally picked each item based on current trends, as well as added amazing brands such as Makeup Junkie Bags, Myra Bags and Makeup Erasers. 

And, it may sound silly, but I intentionally pray for every person as the order goes out. My prayers are that each of you will know you are loved, and recognize and know your true beauty. Making my customers happy is also just important to me, and I love hearing when a package brings you joy! Share in our VIP group or send me a message - this is why I do what I do! :) 

Prayers you know you are WORTHY, and always know you are LOVED!