The Curaloe® Difference

With Curaloe® products, you will always find Pure, 100% Aloe Vera as the SUPERSTAR ingredient in each product. The entire line is gentle enough for everyday use, and the consistency in quality and noticeable results are why our customers continue to love our products! 

What else makes Curaloe® so unique

Curaloe® is European Union Approved  - Did you know that only about 30 ingredients are banned/restricted in United States cosmetics, but under the Europe Union there are approximately over 1400 banned/restricted ingredients?

Curaloe® is proud to hold itself to a higher standard! All our products are made safe, with transparency and truth in labeling. Each product is regulated and approved by the European Union (under the European Union Cosmetics Regulation Standards).

Additionally, with the advantage of being a smaller company, we have the ability and willingness to adapt our formulations as new information emerges and the market demand changes.

Curaloe® Aloe Vera is organically-grown - All of our Aloe Vera is grown without pesticides and is Non-GMO. Committed to a "plant to product" process, we organically grow our Aloe Vera, harvest the plants by hand, and immediately use the inner fillet to create our products within 3 hours. Our Dutch-engineered, patented machines ensure we preserve the active substances in the Aloe Vera gel. Curaloe® is truly a “Plant in a Bottle!” 

Curaloe® uses Pure, 100% Aloe Vera (1:1 ratio) in every bottle - Most "Aloe Vera" products in the market today dilute their formulations (adding mostly water) or use powders, with one other known brand recently found to have ZERO Aloe Vera in its Aloe Vera Gel. 

Curaloe® products are formulated with some of the highest percentages in the market - no dilution or powders! All skincare products are Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and almost all products are Vegan (both cruelty free and free from animal derivatives and by-products). Our 100% Aloe Vera juices are Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Sugar Free without added colorants.

Curaloe® is committed to being Environmentally Responsible - Our factory is the first “Green Certified” company in our beautiful country of Curacao. This means we have taken extra steps - despite the increased costs - to ensure we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. In addition, our entire facility is powered using the beautiful, Caribbean sunshine.

Curaloe® is committed to being Socially Responsible - Who are the people behind your skincare products? At Curaloe®, we like to consider everyone that works here as a part of one, big happy Curaloe® Family!

We believe in sustaining the communities around us, which is why we hire individuals from communities near and far, pay more than minimum wage, give benefits for future retirement, and even provide free housing for them and their families.

Every Curaloe® bottle you purchase is not only made with love, but your purchase directly helps individuals in disadvantaged areas make a comfortable living and provide for their current families, as well as future generations.

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